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MPR Athletes Go Big In Moscow World Cup Sambo

MPR Athletes Go Big In Moscow World Cup Sambo


Team USA’s first day of competition at the Kharlampiev Cup (World Cup). Our sole competitor today was Patrick Sabatini. He fought 68kg combat Sambo. He fought his way to the gold medal match versus Russia. Pat is a beast and battled with one of the world’s best, coming up short (not due to lack of effort, for sure). He also got a wee taste of some headbutts ( yes, they’re legal in combat sambo). Pat’s silver medal is the highest medal of a male USA athlete at this event.

Saturday March 25th, Johnson Jajoute competed in Combat Sambo, Jamie Driver and Catherine Marino competed in sport Sambo, at the Kharlampiev Cup (World Cup). This is Jamie and Catherine’s 1st ever Sambo competition. Talk about jumping into the fire. Jamie’s 1st match was against the reigning world champion, from Georgia. Catherine started with a very tough competitor, from Moldova. Both battled valiantly. At the end of the day, Jamie walked away with a bronze after defeating a tough competitor out of Turkmenistan, in the bronze medal match. Catherine battled hard and came out with great experience.

Johnson battled very hard losing to the eventual gold medalist from Belarus, in his opening match. He ended up fighting for bronze and came up just short. On the ground, it almost appeared like he may have choked his opponent out, but ref stood them up. He ended up 5th. He will surely come back stronger. Johnson previously won bronze at this same event, as well as gold at Pan Ams. There are photos here of Jamie being interviewed, signing autographs, and posing for photos with children. All of our were approached by tons of children and adults, for photos and autographs, as well as interviews. The attention our athletes earned was truly earned.

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