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Genevieve Haney
As a D-1 Athlete I knew a traditional gym or cardio classes would not match up to the level of intensity of how I used to train. MPR has exceeded my expectations and I am in better shape now than when I was in college. Whether you are looking to learn self defense, train privately or learn something new in Martial Arts, this is by far one of the friendliest and best facilities. 100 % a family atmosphere of great individuals wanting to work hard and help others work hard.

Mike Kirk
Awesome atmosphere. Not your traditional gym. Whether you want to get in shape, learn self-defense, or want to further your skills as a fighter l, this is where you want to be!

Jimmy Miller
You have little kids 4-7 that wanna have fun? How about you? Beach season is upon us and need to fit into that bathing suit? Check out mpr endurance! !!! Great trainers, Great Fun, Great energetic atmosphere, Great way to shed those LB’S!!

Steve Tracey
Get your game up – Come to MPR Great training and coaching. Train with people who want to make you better, everyday.

Nickola Rad
I’ve trained at a lot of gyms around Levittown and the philedelphia area and the amount of training and leadership is nothing compared to MPR with people like Erik Purcell and Pat Sabatini this place is untouchable on such well rounded knowledge of any physical sport type training!

Kelly McElrath,
I had the opportunity to train with Erik recently and found his sessions to be incredibly fun and inspiring. Erik’s ability to serve as a mentor and coach appears to come naturally for him. He is an excellent instructor who is sensitive to each student’s individual needs. I am looking forward to my next session!

Liz Schrader

I just started training with Erik a couple of weeks ago, I am an avid runner and hurt my knee so I’ve had to slow down on that and I needed to find a cardio exercise that would allow me to workout as hard as that did. WELL THIS IS IT!! I went into it with an open mind not knowing if I could do it,But found out that I NOT only “Can” but I LIKE IT ALOT!! I think I may have found a new passion in exercise. Boxing/MMA allows me to grow physically strong but also mentally.

Thanks Erik for your patience in teaching me.YOU ROCK!

Lisa Handa
I have been training with Erik for about two months now. Since I have started my MMA training, I feel more confident, more flexible, and feel like a fighter. Erik teaches me all different aspects of mixed martial arts and goes above and beyond to encourage me to push myself and believe that I can achieve my goals. My core is much tighter than it had been and I have some fierce elbow strikes, in addition to having good self defense skills. I always look forward to each and every workout and will always put forth 110%, as Erik always gives when training his clients.

Christine Anderson
I’ve been training with Erik Purcell since March 2011 and am amazed at my transformation both physically and mentally. one of the things I like the most about training with Erik is his ability to diversify the workouts to keep them both challenging and fun, when i first started it was primarily hitting the mitts (amazing cardio), moving onto thai kicks and now we’re also doing strength training incorporating his 60 Second Fit Series. Thanks to Erik I am capable of so much more and have the confidence to know that “I Can”, it’s amazing and it has filtered into every aspect of my life…a better improved me, i am so thankful to have Erik as a trainer and look forward to what the future has in store!