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rise screen shotRISE Sambo Championships

RISE Sambo Championships welcomes all grapplers of all skill levels and ages to compete. RISE gives athletes a stage to have fun, to compete, to highlight their abilities and to be champions. Sambo is a beautiful sport that uses great throws, takedowns and submissions. No stalling, no butt scooting, just awesome action. If you wrestled, or have good submissions or good throws check out RISE Sambo Championships.  Beginners and Advanced divisions for kids, men’s and women’s of all ages. You can compete barefoot or wear wrestling shoes. You can wear the traditional Sambo uniform or board shorts and a white Gi top. Represent your school and be the 1st RISE Sambo Champion.

“Click here to visit the RISE website”

RISE is sanctioned by: USA Sambo Inc.
Tournament Director: Mr. Erik Purcell: “risesambo@gmail.com” or 267-225-4774
Chief Referee: Mr. Dayn DeRose
Chief Secretary (pairing): Mr. Mikhail Jideliov
Advisers: L. Polyakov, M. Kozitskiy, B. Clark and E. Karpinski