Our kids Jiu-Jitsu program led by JiuJitsu Champion Daniel Maira and Nick Barbieri teaches discipline, self control, grappling and submission wrestling. Many of the worlds best fighters are trained in Jiu Jitsu for a reason. No matter what your child’s skill or athletic level is Jiu Jitsu will have something to offer.

juniorgfThe principles of Jiu Jitsu are very similar to those of karate and other childrens martial arts, which encourage consitency, attendance, effort, and determination. These elements are the focus of our Jiu Jitsu kids program. Many of the benefits are obtained indirectly, so the kids improve in a natural and graduated pace, which instills positive reinforcement.

Jiu Jitsu will also teach your child to respect one’s opponent. This helps in controlling tendencies such as foul language and poor sportsmanship. Your child will learn to treat everyone with respect as he or she builds relationships with their peers.

We offer both Gi and No Gi classes here at MPR to ensure that your child develops into a well rounded martial artist.  Every kid starts at white belt.  As your child progresses through the program with skill level and age taken into consideration the next belt may be GREY to YELLOW followed by ORANGE then GREEN.  No child can receive a Blue Belt until they are at least 16 years of age.

We are an officially recognized Blackbelt Academy by the IBJJF.  We also have adopted the IBJJF belt graduation system.  This is extremely valuable and important for our kids BJJ athletes that plan on competing at IBJJF tournaments including the PanAm and World Championships.

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