Classes for this program are Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm.  This program is for kids 8 – 13 years old. Kids can take just the Striking program or enroll in our Junior Boxing Program or Junior Jiujitsu.

All kids are required to have Boxing Gloves and Shinguards…  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Gloves and shinguards are available for purchase from MPR for $30 each.
Our MPR Junior Striking Program is a fun way to teach children basic Boxing, Kicking and Defensive Striking Skills. These basic fundamentals include proper footwork, punching and kicking technique as well as MMA Striking techniques. These basics are taught through drilling, heavy bag work and partner drills.

Kids begin our program at Level 1 and in time will learn the necessary techniques to be promoted to the next level. The highest level in our Junior Program is Level 5. Kids will receive a certificate upon the graduation to the next level.

Additionally, your child will learn how to maximize their stamina and strength levels while at the same time enhancing their motor coordination. We provide children with a safe kickboxing fitness environment that enables them to have fun while working out. This makes it easier for them to learn very challenging techniques as well as discipline while having fun.

Level 1 – Your child will learn the fundamentals of Striking (How to throw a jab, cross, all round kicks, front kicks, clinch-work and defense) shadowboxing and pad holding. No sparring

Level 2 – Your child should have a good understanding and be able to display the fundamental Striking techniques from Level 1.  Also your child will learn more advanced drills, combos and striking techniques.

Level 3 – Students that have passed Level 2 testing and in addition have been approved for supervised sparring.

Level 4 – You are expected to be able to execute most or nearly all techniques comfortably while sparring.

Level 5 – This is the equivalent of getting your blackbelt.

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