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Our MPR Junior Boxing Program (ages 8-13) is dedicated to teaching our students the “sweet science” of Boxing with our hometown Champion and son of the former Heavyweight Champion of the World Tim Witherspoon Jr. This is a real boxing program. Students will learn the fundamentals of defense, footwork and offensive skills such as tactical fighting and proper jabs, straights, crosses and hooks.

Lace up your gloves and hop in our classes every Friday at 6pm and Sundays at 10am. Every athlete needs the right tools to be the best. Come train in our state of the art facility complete with Boxing Ring, Heavybags, Double-end Bags and much more! Get “REAL” instruction from a real boxing champ!

Each student will learn how to spar safely under the supervision of Tim and our great coaching staff.

14329965_10154430642473257_6648684186010660205_nAt enrollment every student will be required to purchase boxing gloves if you don’t already own a pair. In addition every student is required to have proper training equipment such as a mouthpiece, headgear and handwraps before sparring.

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