The Dynamite Ninja Kids Program is for children ages 5-7 years old.  We offer a unique martial arts training program for young children.  These classes are an introduction to martial arts.  Combining fun, exercise and a great lesson plan our goal is to instill an early love and appreciation for the world of JiuJitsu, Wrestling and Kickboxing.

Classes for the 5-7 year old group are held every Thursday from 5-6pm and every Saturday from 10-11am.  Open your childs eyes to the fun of martial arts today! In our Ninja Program we do offer belt promotions.  Each Ninja begins at a WHITE Belt and once your child earns 4 stripes on their Belt they will be promoted to a GREY Belt.  After another 4 stripes your child can be promoted to a YELLOW Belt.  Parents:  Please make sure kids are on time and have their Gi’s.  Gi’s are mandatory to take part in class.

JiuJitsu Gi’s are for sale in our proshop for $50 (includes White Belt).

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