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At MPR we are going to have 2 FREE Women’s Only JiuJitsu Seminars. The 1st Seminar will be this Thursday Nov 14th at 11am and the 2nd will be this Wednesday Night Nov 20th at 7:30pm. Feel free to attend both Classes!!!! Each seminar will be an hour to an hour and a half long.

We will cover basic JiuJitsu self defense geared towards women’s defense and fundamental JiuJitsu techniques.We encourage everyone to spread the word.

LOSE WEIGHT & GET IN SHAPE with JiuJitsu!!!!!

This is the stuff that has saved peoples lives… IT WORKS LADIES!!!!

No need to call, just come in!  Teens to Adults welcome.

225 Lincoln Highway Suite 206
Fairless Hills, Pa 19030

“Ladies!!!! I have had a few of you message me asking me about classes at MPR and what it is all about, so here is your chance!!!! JiuJitsu is a GREAT way to lose weight, stay in shape, and learn self defense!!! If you are a marathon runner and think your in fine shape, or go to the gym everyday and pick up heavy weights and think your strong enough I challenge you to come to these classes! Learn techniques and find inner strength you never knew you had! I started Jiu Jitsu only a couple months ago but it has helped me lose weight (close to 15 pounds and a pant size), tone up and feel great!!! Please contact me if you have any questions! We have a day class for the momma’s and ladies who work later and a night class next week so NO EXCUSES!” ~ Genevive Haney


Sergio Penha It’s an absolute honor to announce that MPR’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is now in the framework of the Legendary Sergio Penha. Sergio Penha is one of the few Coral Belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a Black Belt in Judo. He is one of only a handful of martial artists in the world to jump from Purple to Black Belt. Master Sergio currently trains some of the worlds most elite fighters and martial artists at his academy in Las Vegas. He is a great man and teacher and we’re honored to be part of his outstanding lineage. In addition we’ve gained many new great brothers and sisters such as our new friends at Bowie MMA.

Bret Perchaluk shows moves in Jits Magazine

imageOmoplata to Back Control Transition
Check out these great moves and transitions by Bret Perchaluk shot at MPR Endurance with owner Erik Purcell for the awesome online site Jits Magazine. Learn these great moves and let us know how you did!


Jiu_JItsu_coverbigWe were thrilled when the huge “How to” story featuring Brett Perchaluck ran in the world’s largest Jiu-Jitsu Magazine.  The article was shot in MPR Endurance along with owner Erik Purcell and demonstrated real life BJJ combat techniques.  Brett did an amazing job choreographing the sequence of moves.   Check out the September 2013 edition of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine!

MPR Inverted Attacks From Kimura

Coach Jeff Cobb shows a series of inverted guard attacks from a Kimura at MPR Endurance.


MPR and the US ARMYWe had a great time working with and teaching some of the Army’s young Soldiers Wednesday night at MPR.  We covered a few vital JiuJitsu survival and tactical moves and finishes.  Looking forward to working more with our brave men and women of the Armed Forces.  Special thanks to Sgt Gary for letting us show off some technique.  GO ARMY!!!!


Congrats to Raheem Rahamatulla representing MPR this weekend in Baltimore racking up more wins, experience and hardware. Raheem began as one of our first Junior Athletes.  He began learning JiuJitsu less than a year ago and since then has competed in and won nearly all of the major competitions from PA, NJ and Baltimore.  He is a mentor and leader in our programs and often trains with the adults.  This kid is fearless and relentless.  Among his accomplishments in BJJ more importantly he is a standout in the classroom as well.  As a 10th grader at Neshaminy High School he excels at everything he sets his mind to.  This year he has his sites set on High School wrestling.  We all know he will have a great first year!  Proud of the way this kid competes! 


Since our official opening back on December 1st 2011 Team MPR has quietly began competing in local Jiu Jitsu tournaments.  In October 2012 at NAGA in Philadelphia just or 3rd tournament MPR had 2 breakout days of competition.  On Saturday the adults fought hard earning us numerous first, second and third place victories ranging from the Expert to Novice Divisions.  On Sunday it was time for the Juniors to continue battling for rank.  Our young guns stunned many of the favorites and continued gathering wins.  We closed out the tournament  with nearly all of our team ranking in the top three.  Very proud of our guys and girls that left it on the mats!


Seems like every holiday while other gyms close up our members like to work harder. This Labor Day was no different. We had another great turnout in addition to a busy day of private training. Our guys know the only way to get better is through hard work. I am really proud of everyones commitment.