Adult  Muay Thai Memberships are available.  Tired of the same boring workout routines and results? Come join Instructors Kru Thomas Bailey , Yohannes Habtu and Jorden Jones!  We have the perfect solution to your workout whoas at MPR. Join us every Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights for our co-ed Basic  Kickboxing / Muay Thai classes.  Looking to take your Muay Thai to the next level check out our Advanced Muay Thai Program.  Advanced classes are Tuesday night at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm.  You must have all safety equipment for this class and be approved by one of our coaches.  The Advanced program is for the serious student and sometimes includes sparring.

Each class we cover a variety of kick, punch, elbow and knee combinations guaranteed to cut the calories and teach you valuable self defense skills. Be prepared… this isn’t a cardio kickboxing class. This is REAL DEAL Muay Thai taught by Professional Fighter and Instructors. Grab your boxing gloves and shinguards and join us every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights!

We are making great changes and improvements to our Muay Thai program to improve everyone’s experience in our program and to promote growth as a Student. Our goal is to teach the philosophy and fighting techniques specific to the art of Muay Thai. All students interested in the advanced program will be required to test if they haven’t already. If you are interested in testing please reach out to Kru’s Thomas, Yohannes or Jorden for details.

Our new program requirements will ensure students that make it to the advanced program will have qualified training partners. We encourage all students to purchase Mauy Thai shorts and to purchase their own equipment such as Thai pads. Every student must be prepared for class with gloves, shinguards etc… Also you are expected to be on time for class. Failure to have the proper training equipment or to be on time could result in not being allowed to participate in that class.

Level 1 – All beginner students starting in our Basic Program. We will be teaching the fundamentals of Muay Thai and pad holding. No sparring

Level 2 – Students that have tested and passed to qualify for the Advanced Program. You will learn more advanced drills, combos and striking techniques. No sparring

Level 3 – Students that have passed Level 2 testing and in addition have been approved to spar.


Kickboxing is an excellent form of exercise and self defense.  Pre existing injuries?  Kickboxing is a low impact high cardio solution to any training hurdles you may have previously encountered.  While twisting and turning to throw punches and kicks your core will tighten, your triceps will take shape and any of the days stress will be eliminated.  Join us and get ready to shape up!

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