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worldcupThis Friday afternoon we officially start our Russian Sambo Athlete Training!!!! Classes will be every Monday and Friday at noon and will usually be over an hour long. This is the real deal everyone. This program will be run by elite world renown coach and athlete Master of Sport Mikhail Kozitskiy.
Our goal in running this new program is to help further the education and development of Sambo here in the United States as well as to find athletes serious about representing the US on our USA Sambo Inc. teams to compete here in the states as well as abroad.
Athletes from other gyms, schools and academies are all welcome for our Monday and Friday noon classes. Please be on time and prepared.
If you are serious about grappling, BJJ, Sambo, Judo and MMA you need to come be part of this program. If you don’t have a Kurtka or Sambo shoes wear your Gi top. I’d recommend barefeet over wrestling shoes so you can pivot to throw appropriately. Come join us this Friday at noon! Please share!!!!
MPR Endurance MMA.
864 Town Center Dr
Langhorne PA 19047