Inversion workshop with Cindy Herr Sunday, Sept 28th from 3-5pm…

Did you know that consistent practice of inversions (handstands, headstands, forearm balances, etc.) will help improve your overall flexibility, balance and stability?

Come join Cindy in demystifying inversions by exploring strength-building and alignment techniques to help prepare you for mastery of the inverted world.

In this workshop you will learn the many mental and physical health benefits of inversions and when to exercise caution. Cindy will discuss the muscles involved in specific inversions and guide you through different methods of safely and successfully strengthen these muscles groups so that you too, may reap the many benefits of going upside down! No experience necessary!!

Sunday, Sept 28th from 3-5pm
Just $35 to register
Because of limited spots you must preregister to attend!

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Cindy first began practicing yoga in 2006 when she discovered a yoga workout within the first P90X series. While she did not initially appreciate the 1.5-hour yoga routine, she eventually grew to love it and found herself seeking more yoga knowledge and new challenges. Through her exploration of yoga and her initial self-taught/developed practice, Cindy quickly discovered her love of Vinyasa Flow and her passion for inversions and arm balances. Cindy is also a yoga-anatomy enthusiast and enjoys studying various muscle groups utilized in different poses so that she can create specific strength-building techniques to help make advanced poses more accessible to her students.

When not on the mat, Cindy works as a paramedic and has found yoga extremely helpful in her ability to combat stress and maintain physical fitness so that she may serve members of the community to the best of her ability. Cindy became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2014 in hopes of sharing the many benefits of yoga with others.

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