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Saturday March 3rd at 10am we’ll be holding our first Junior Promotion Testing day. All of the hard work in the Junior program will pay off as our kids receive their Blue Stripe Tshirts and Progress as martial artists.

Testing is $30 which will need to be paid in advance in order to test.

As we move closer to the testing date please have your kids here training as often as possible. In order to move on the the Blue Stripe Juniors will have to know and be able to demonstrate these techniques and exercises.. NO EXCEPTIONS.

1. Your child will be tested on the 4 main punches; Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut and their corresponding numbers.

2. In addition to punching your child should be able to demonstrate basic kicks such as the Front Kick, Push Kick and the Thai Round Kick.

3. Students need to know all the positions of BJJ which are guard, half guard, side control, mount, back mount and north south and show each move & transition through each position smoothly.

4. Students need to show 2 escapes while being mounted and 2 guard passes.

5. Students must know a double leg takedown.

6. Each Junior must be able to do 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 squats correctly.

Juniors will need appropriate safety equipment to spar in the Striking Classes. As Blue Stripes we will start to incorporate contact drilling and sparring. Your child will not be able to participate in these activities without the proper gear. Kids will need:
Boxing Gloves

Equipment can be ordered online at and some items will be available for purchase here at MPR.

Also Junior pants and tshirts are available for sale. $20 each

Please make sure your kid comes to train in uniform…..